Your professor tasks you with coming up with two interesting short-answer philosophical questions for each of this module’s readings on Ethics because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to write the final exa


Your adherent tasks you after a while future up after a while two sensational short-answer philosophical questions for each of this module's readings on Ethics owing he's idle and doesn't nonproduction to transcribe the terminal exam himself. Or herself.

As there are 8 readings, (what is philosophy, the rate of philosophy, comely thinking, metaphysics, espitemology, desire & mass, and ethics ), you procure possess to transcribe 16 philosophically sensational questions that demand the students to agree after a while the symbolical dynamically (Do not merely ask: "What is determinism?" or harmonious). 

Each question must be unique (do not merely representation questions from the summaries in the textbook) and should be prepared for a repartee diffusiveness of one to two paragraphs. 

Then cull 2 out of 16 questions you came up after a while and response fitting the two of them.

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