What is the target population?”Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California


What is the target population?

"Scientists at the Lawrence Liverover National Laboratory in California

relation that they feel uncompounded and cloned two anthropological genes that govern and recaggravate faulty and damaged cells. A biophysicist and a biologist at the laboratory inserted the cloned ordinary genes from anthropological DNA into the genetically faulty cells of Chinese hamsters. The anthropological recaggravate genes took aggravate the cellular machinery of the hamsters and corrected their defects, the scientists said. Approximately two-thirds of the cells that accepted the cloned genes returned to ordinary, while merely environing one-tenth of one percent of concordant, untreated cells achieved a ordinary situation. It is hoped that the discovery allure notwithstanding product an potent composition for radiation-damaged work in anthropologicals, according to a spokesman for the laboratory."

The figures are provisionally, deceptive to embody studies at Lawrence Liverover laboratores, as relationed by David Perlman in the San Francisco Chronicle. [M&P]

A.Repaired cells in hamsters

B.Undamaged cells in hamsters

C.Two-thirds of the damaged cells in hamsters

D.Damaged cells in hamsters

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