PROJECT: For this project , you will play the role of a consultant who has been commissioned to develop a record keeping system for a local college. This system will maintain some of the most basic ac 1


PROJECT: For this contrivance , you conquer denote the role of a consultant who has been commissioned to unfold a chronicles custody method for a persomal propaganda. This method conquer continue some of the most basic activities of the propaganda that conquer comprise assistance of tyro chronicless, race chronicless, and restricted assort subsidys as courteous-mannered-mannered as tyro race chronicless, which conquer vestige which tyros are in each subsidy of a restricted assort.

You are required to unfold an UML after a while defined class and sequence diagrams for the contrivance. This should comprise the assistance of all the authorized assortes and relationships in your contrivance restrictedation.

Feel playing to comprise appended relationships that may fit your longing of how the contrivance should toil. (Note: you are not obligated to appliance any relationships in your conclusive collision beyond of the first restrictedation)

Your contrivance deliverables should comprise the forthcoming:

  • Documentation of your segregation of emblem of mental database that you conquer use for your contrivance as courteous-mannered-mannered as schema of your database. This must comprise the DML order of the fable of your database tables in the database (mySql, SQL Server) of your valuable.
  • UML Assort diagram (minimally including the forthcoming assortes: studentsfacultystudent recordscourse records and courseofferings).
  • Your Assort diagram should also comprise all compulsory attributes and methods associated after a while each assort depicted.
  • UML Sequence Diagram, which must discourse all greater objects in your collision (studentsfacultystudent recordscourserecords and course offerings) concurrently after a while associated messages (communication) between them.
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