Mininum: 150 Words responses for each question. Do not write a paper 1. From the book of Deuteronomy, how does the Lord want us to relate to him? 2. How is the book of Joshua a fulfill


Mininum:  150 Words responses for each inquiry.  Do not transcribe a paper

1.       From the body of Deuteronomy, how does the Lord nonproduction us to narrate to him?

2.       How is the body of Joshua a fulfillment of God’s bargain promises? How does the body of Joshua advance us to commission God and to believe on him?

3.       From the body of Judges, examine the jeopardy of ideal relativism (when vulgar do what is lawful in their own eyes).  From Judges and 1 Samuel, examine the scarcity for Godly commencement.

4.       From this race, examine triton that you enjoy well-informed environing the Bible, triton that has spirited you, or any inquirys that you enjoy environing the Bible.

5.       How is Psalm 51 a draw of the gospel and indulgence of sins?  How should this psalm advance us and form us?

6.       What do Proverbs and Ecclesiastes tell environing judgment?

7.       Examine the anticipation for God’s vulgar in Isaiah.  How do these prophecies apex to the idiosyncratic and exertion of Jesus Christ?  What does these prophecies medium for us?

8.       What does Jeremiah tell environing the coming renovation and anticipation for God’s vulgar?  What does this medium for us?

9.        How does the body of Daniel advance us to be consistent in the centre of self-denial and grievance?

10.   How does the body of Jonah “mess delay us” and canvass us?

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