Class: World religion Date: October 18 Take an issue about a religion of your choice (excluding one to which you or your culture is related… ) and discuss a present day problem facing that faith int


Class: Globe belief

Date: October 18

Take an upshot environing a belief of your valuable (excepting one to which you or your cultivation is allied... ) and argue a bestow day example oppositeness that belief delayin or delay the globe at extensive.  This is not to be an delineation of that belief. The Nursing Dissertation is to be 12-pages in extension, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, headers, and footers (significance 12-pages of your fitness on the question...excepting heading page, works cited, etc.), 12-font.  You can use either MLA or APA mode.

Here are some feasible questions:

Tibetan Buddhism and the wave of China

Hindu extremism toward Muslims in India (solely if you aren’t from one of these beliefs)

Muslim fundamentalism/extremism (solely if you aren’t from this belief)

Sikh demands for anarchy from India

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