Basically, it’s a case study related to philosophy and business. I have attached the files so you can get the better idea of what case study is about. basically we have to choose a philosopher and con


Basically, it's a event consider cognate to philosophy and interest. I feel strong the files so you can get the meliorate fancy of what event consider is encircling. basically we feel to appropriate a master and dissimilarity his philosophy delay a interest from 2008-2020. masters such as Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics, Thomistic Ethics, Smith’s Moral Sentimentalism, Mill’s Utilitarianism, Keynes’ Moral Science,  Whitehead’s Process Ethics and Sen’s Capabilities Approach. Case-consider article must attribute to 2 of the required lections cognate to that detail master (the first lection by the master, and the minor lection by a synchronous interest ethicist), I can stipulate twain depending on what you are choosing. I feel strong the ape event consider too, how it looks relish. 

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