Answer the following question: Which skin-tone privilege did you find most surprising in “White Privilege and Male Privilege?” Why? What other privileges do you think you have? In considering this


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Which skin-tone im-munity did you furnish most miraculous in "White Im-munity and Male Privilege?" Why? What other im-munitys do you opine you keep? In because this topic, consider on the new-fangled knowledge of the two African American gentlemen who were arrested for narrowly sitting at a Starbucks stoppage for their familiar to land as well-mannered-mannered as other persuasions. (past knowledge near***Please music that for some im-munitys, for persuasion nature sturdy or neurotypical, some race may be cheerless sharing the details of the estate they speed. No one is required to portion-out anything they are not snug sharing.*** 

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