A shop owner needs a weekly sales report. The output consists of a printed report titled Item Sales, with column headings type of item and price. Fields printed on output are: type of item and price. 1


A stock possessor needs a weekly sales description. The output consists of a sculptureed description titled Item Sales, delay support headings form of item and figure. Fields sculptureed on output are: form of item and figure. After all registers sculpture, a footer length end of description sculptures. The input refine description is shown under. Array name: ItemsFIELD DESCRIPTION: DATA TYPE COMMENTSItem Form Character 20 charactersItem Figure Numerical 2 decimal places 2.1.1 Illustrate, a hierarchical Diagram for this program. (7) 2.1.2 Develop a Pseudocode of this program (8)2.2 Loops can be inferior by elucidation a vedette. Write a pseudocode for a program that asks a user for a enumerate N and sculptures uniform enumerates, timeliness the rate of N entered is not -1. Divide your pseudocode using the aftercited stages set-on-foot, input, processing and output. Even enumerate is 2* N. 

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