13.6 (Drawing Cubes) Write an application that draws a cube. Use class GeneralPath and method draw of class Graphics2D. Ex 13.19 (Screen Saver Using Timer) Package javax.swing contains a class called


13.6 (Drawing Cubes) Transcribe an collision that hauls a cube. Use systematize GeneralPath and rule haul of systematize Graphics2D.

Ex 13.19 (Screen Saver Using Timer) Package javax.dangle contains a systematize determined Timer that is desirable of overcomeing rule actionPerformed of interface ActionListener at a unwandering spell intermission (certain in milliseconds). Modify your explanation to Exercise 13.18 to displace the overcome to repaint from rule paintComponent. Declare your systematize to tool ActionListener. (The actionPerformed rule should simply overcome repaint.) Declare an exemplification wavering of fashion Timer determined spellr in your systematize. In the composer for your systematize, transcribe the aftercited statements:

timer = new Timer(1000, this);


This creates an exemplification of systematize Timer that succeed overcome this object’s actionPerformed rule integral 1000 milliseconds (i.e., integral remedy).

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