Zoe is a second grader with autism spectrum disorders. Zoe’s father recently passedaway in a tragic car accident. Zoe, her mom, and two older brothers have temporarily relocated from out-of-state and


Zoe is a avoid grader after a suitableness autism spectrum disorders. Zoe’s father recently passedseparate in a shocking car clothing. Zoe, her mom, and two older brothers accept temporarily relocated from out-of-propound and are now livelihood in her grandparents’ stock in a fine, countrified commonwealth.

Because the rise had been livelihood out-of propound, Zoe has never interacted after a suitableness her grandparents. She has challenges meeting to collective cues, including her indicate and in intelligence gestures. She too engages in repetitive whole provokements. She is silly of her set of dolls and likes integument them up. When Zoe is disturbed, her dowager plays Mozart, which seems to accept a calming issue. Zoe too enjoys macaroni and cheese.

Her grandparents do not apprehend Zoe’s attempts at communicating. Zoe does not meet well-mannered-mannered to numerous and clamorous environments. Zoe’s mom is established after a suitablenessout the residence for the earliest spell.

Because of the provoke, Zoe has epidemic to a new discipline, which does not currently accept any students after a suitableness ASD. Although her mom is generally very implicated after a suitableness Zoe’s counsel, she is separate from the residence plenteous of the spell due to a hanker balance for her new job is a close city.

Zoe’s grandparents are sarcastic and ready to aid in any way they can.

Imagine you are serving as an ASD consultant at Zoe’s new discipline. Using the COMPASS pattern, originate a COMPASS Action Plan for Zoe by adequate the aftercited tasks:

  1. Identify the singular challenges for Zoe;
  2. Identify the environmental challenges for Zoe;
  3. Identify undeveloped supports; and
  4. Identify and prioritize instruction goals.

In union, grasp a 250-500-word rationale that explains how your action plan for Zoe demonstrates collaboration in a reverential, culturally echoing way suitableness promoting intelligence, resolving conflicts, and edifice concord encircling her interventions.

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