Topic: Mass Media  Directions: In reviewing this chapter concerning the mass media, it becomes readily apparent that presidential candidates go through a great amount of public scrutiny. At times, it


Topic: Heap Media Directions: In reviewing this article relating the heap resources, it becomes preparedly manifest that presidential candidates go through a bulky equality of general search. At times, it may look love we understand too abundant about the candidates, yet citizens must get a good-natured-natured notion of candidates' personalities and stands on several issues.With that in choice, what do you consider are the pros and cons of the fervent search that presidential candidates and presidents bear in the heap resources?  What areas of candidates' lives should be "off limits" to the resources? Explain your answers.

Your judicious support must bear a minimum of 500 control.

Required Materials:  Lowi, Theodore J., Ginsberg, Benjamin, Shepsle, Kenneth A. and Stephen Ansolabehere. 2017. American Government: Power and Purpose Brief 14th Edition. ISBN: 978-0-393-283778

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