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Week 9 Lecture Epitome Integrating Multimediaas a Tool

Bullet Points

  • Multimedia’s basic functions are creating digital video and creating deliverys. Digital video deliverys can husband massive movies that you can experience on the Internet or learners can amount their own movies. An opinion to printed message is a multiinstrument delivery that can forceen gauge, graphics, exhilaration, video, and passage.
  • Creating a delivery apprehends the succeedingcited stalks: contemplation the pleased, engender a fictionboard, options to delineation, and diversify feature.
  • The pristine stalk in movie romance is to add the artfulnessation and credits. The options apprehend: fonts, colors, and passage exhilaration.
  • Digital instrument deliverys authorize the learner to pur-pose an innovative advent to communicating their conversance. Creating multiinstrument deliverys requires learners to use delivery technology to attach their ideas. Students can found their message skills by creating deliverys that best use passage, graphics, charts, audio, exhilarations, or digital video to reinforcement the calculated message.


The artfulness of an integrated precept using multiinstrument envelops the succeedingcited stalks: matching the extrinsic to computer functions, lore and decomposition, harvests delivery, contemplationning computer activities, and toll. Matching the extrinsic to multiinstrument functions envelops structure of the delivery (planning, artfulness, and layout of the delivery, inducement of the message and pleased), exemplification of ideas, including: photographs, drawings, charts, and graphs, and digital instrument (lore tools, delivery tools). Lore and decomposition envelop the succeedingcited stalks: fulfill a pertinent bearing well-behaved of solving (multiinstrument maintenances axioms gathering, multiinstrument maintenances axioms delivery); fulfill axioms required to bearing explain, such as: sequencing for a fiction or lesson, conducting colloquys; contemplation the favoring axioms fabrication (answerableness a epitome of an colloquy, editing the audio or video from the colloquy); illustrate how learners are to offer the axioms. Results delivery import the delivery as an resultion of axioms fabrication. Delivery may apprehend: sublimation of the manipulated axioms, and the harvest(s). Delivery guidelines to learners should apprehend: expectations for the latest result, and a rubric for the harvests delivery. Planning computer activities demise the contemplationning of activities for antecedently, during, and succeeding computer use. The toll apprehends to assess top conversance and skills, features of the technology (condition of audio, condition of images, career of the digital video resultion, condition of layout, legibility of passage, justness of graphics and exhilaration, sequencing of the delivery), delivery of the embodied, and learner’s role among a collaborative plan.

Peer 2


Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Autism: what is it, and motive
    • Autism is a harvestal guess-work diagnosed in infancy and forthcoming branchhood, characterized by collective and favoring issues. The motive of autisms is unrecognized may detail to variables of genetic and environmental factors.
  • Autism and Kindred guess-works
    • Autisms and detaild guess-works are a knot of harvestal guess-works that apprehend (1) autism spectrum guess-work characterized by deficits in message, collective interaction, and repetitive patterns of bearing. (2) Asperger's guess-work, a softer produce of autism characterized by inaptitude in collective kinsmen and unrecorded and non-unrecorded message. (3) Pervasive harvestal guess-work (PDD) and autism spectrum guess-work are used interchangeably. A PPD locality does not amply converge the criteria for autism spectrum guess-work; the local does entertain some but not all characteristics of autism. (3) RETT syndrome largely afflicts girls that favor nforthcoming total feature of a branch's life—characterized by unnatural workman motion, dropping of ambulatory skills, dropping of message abilities, existing bearings, seizures, scoliosis, unnatural snooze patterns, and other symptoms. (4) Childhood disintegrated guess-work, as-well known as Heller guess-work, branch harvest is ordinary occurring through infancy and forthcoming branchhood delay a unexpected and serious permutation of accents and collective functioning and motor skills.
  • Symptoms and treatments
    • Autism symptoms are publicly characterized by deficits in collective interaction, unrecorded and non-unrecorded message, aggravate or beneath reaction to gauge, perfume, flavor, show, affect and other sensory issues, stagnation and nonintention of eye touch, and repetitive bearing patents. There is no medical refresh. Treatments apprehend address and accents therapy, tangible and occupational therapy, and applied bearing decomposition
  • Diagnosis
    • Symptoms and characteristics variegate from local to local from very soft to serious. Forthcoming indicators apprehend no prating or pointing by the age of one, no viable vote by 16 months, or use of two-word phrases by the age of two. Other symptoms apprehend penniless eye touch, repetitive or stereotypy bearing patterns, and stagnation of collective responsiveness.
  • Prevalence
    • Autism is a neurological guess-work it favors the brain. Biological or heredity factors may denote a role. One offer of the universe population has autism spectrum guess-work. In the United States, 1 in 68 conclusion is diagnosed delay autisms and is further political in boys.

What is Rare Learner Notification for Conclusion Who are Gifted

  • Exceptional learner notification (ESE)
    • Children delay local lore requirements call rare learners; this apprehends conclusion delay upper metaphysical harvest and choice of violent work, associate to conclusion who are gifted. The argue for rare learner notification (ESE) is to acceleration each branch to movement through nurture and pur-pose them for adulthood.
  • Referral Evaluation
    • Parents or teachers usually initiate associaterals for ESE gifted services. These conclusion manifest speedy ability for lore, and to argue or entertain violent scores in standardized tolls. Antecedently associateral to ESE, strategies are implemented for the learner to movement in the public arrangeroom. If these strategies are not operative, a associateral for an evaluation is made.
  • Eligibility and gratification
    • For an local evaluation, written produceral agree is required, and the evaluation is naturalized on the learner's force, lore demands, bearings, and interests. The evaluation consists of tests, observations, colloquys, and other conversance. Gratification is made through an eligibility staffing convergeing, learner conversance is discussed, and a gratification of ESE services for gifted learners is made naturalized on the criteria beneath the Florida Administrative Code, government 6A-6.03019.
  • Development of pristine Educational Contemplation (EP)
    • Once the learner is suitable for ESE services, a convergeing is held to unfold an EP. The EP team consists of producers and nurture staff. Parents are encouraged to bear-a-share. The EP instruments bisecticularize what local services are demanded, the learner's offer raze of work, goals are symmetrical, and how to receipts, and reporting and size standards are symmetrical. In abstracted, a gratification where services conquer be ordinary, such as in the public notification arrangeroom, in a gifted arrange, or a cabal of twain. Antecedently ESA services are granted, produceral agree is required, and the EP must be drafted. The EP is reviewed at last total three years for learners in grades of kindergarten to eight. For learners, in grades betwixt ninth to twelve at last total immodest years. As the demand for the learner diversifys aggravate period, producers and the EP team members can entreat a convergeing to diversify services.
  • Parents as bisect of the team
    • School staff, principals, and ESE administrators afford conversance to repartee questions environing producer bisecticipation, hues, and responsibilities. Procedural safeguards are epitome and are granted at the period of agree for an local evaluation.


Students delay autism are sometimes categorized or delineate as conclusion who are gifted. These learners who entertain been diagnosed delay autism may entertain medium or violent metaphysical capabilities; still, bemotive of the associated collective and bearingal issues bias and nurture work may variegate or may entertain favoring lore disabilities. These conclusion may entertain few bearings delay address and message but may entertain bearings delay beneathstanding, processing accents, or entertain astringent and repetitive bearing patterns. ESE services afford the maintenance demand to movement through nurture through intercession strategies that converge their rare demands. That may apprehend, self-regulation, collective awareness skills, and guide of sensory issues.

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