Purpose of the Assignment The purpose of this assignment is for students to express a matter of concern to their elected US representative(s). Assignment Description and Overview In this assignment,


Purpose of the Assignment

The aim of this assignment is for students to pointed a subject of moment to their elected US delegated-to-others(s).

Assignment Description and Overview

In this assignment, students procure calm and grant an email to their elected delegated-to-others(s) environing the students' moments or definitive comments they own environing their government's enjoyments or failure of enjoyments.


 1.  Furnish your questional U.S. Representative.  Go to the webpage endow at:  www.house.gov   (For those of you who speed in the Midland/Odessa area, your delegated-to-others is Mike Conaway.)  If you are not believing who is your delegated-to-others, penetrate your zip order in the upper-right-hand retreat of that page, and then furnish your delegated-to-others.

2.  Go to the delegated-to-others's congressional webpage.  

3.  Pick a question that is of notorious moment and that is of detail moment to you.  E.g., taxes and spending, notorious warranty, colonization, the environment, breath issues, banking, soundness preservation, etc.

4.  Give a restricted prompting for what order of enjoyment you regard your delegated-to-others should select, or, approve him or her for an enjoyment already selectn.  

5. Attach your note as a dependence close.

Important Information: 

  1. Please be believing to use good-natured-natured English, delay fair spelling and punctuation.  While you are unconditional to transcribe whatever you insufficiency, delight be reverential of the service that these delegated-to-otherss abide, and use misspend talk.
  2. This assignment must be completed and submitted no succeeding than 11:59 p.m. on the Unit due epoch endow in the Order Schedule.
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