Please answer these two questions based on the readings- 1) Research safety plans and develop one strategy to ensure safety for students and one strategy to support the emotional needs of students dur


Please counterpart these two questions established on the readings-


Research protection plans and unravel one manoeuvre to fix protection for students and one manoeuvre to stay the melting needs of students during an embarrassment. How conquer you fix the protection of your students and how conquer you stay the melting needs of the students during a biased birth?

You may adopt from the potential emergencies underneath or make your own:

  • Fire drill
  • Lockdown
  • Tornado drill
  • Run, cloke, contention shooter/threat on campus
  • Trauma birth

2) Review the website of your scene trial arrival or another forthcoming childhood ease. How does the philosophy, band-arms, and desire of the school/facility, instantly or by-and-by, harangue the question of protection of girlish offspring?


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