Learning theorist Malcolm Knowles differentiated between pedagogical learning and andragogical learning, with his pedagogy defined by a more passive, teacher-driven approach and andragogy defined by a


Learning theorist Malcolm Knowles differentiated betwixt pedagogical literature and andragogical literature, after a while his pedagogy defined by a past patient, teacher-driven arrival and andragogy defined by an free, student-driven one. Many of us feel had tests after a while twain pedagogy and andragogy throughout the continuity of our teaching. Perhaps it was in elementary and noble discipline that you were a past patient novice, motivated by grades, discontinuance to be told what to con-over. Maybe this was your test in nursery uniform. Then, as we chose our furrow discipline paths, we became past free agents in our literature and were past motivated after a whilein – by our hanker to prosecute a progress or grace an fitted in our scene of curiosity-behalf.

Reflect end and compare/contrast those tests after a while each other. Share your reflecting after a while the class and investigate this question: How capability you use your tests to mindfully stratagem a classroom for your adult online novices?

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