For your final project, you may choose to prepare a Final Research Paper or a Kaltura video research presentation on up to two of the following topic areas ONLY: A gang of your choice (i.e. Bloods, MS 1


For your definite device, you may cull to adapt a Definite Examination Paper or a Kaltura video examination bestowal on up to two of the subjoined theme areas ONLY:

  1. A herd of your cherished (i.e. Bloods, MS-13, Crips, etc.)
  2. A herd-type of your cherished (i.e., street herd, vagabond police herd, enormity melody, womanish herd, robber motorcycle herd, etc.)
  3. Gang mediation strategies (i.e. sociological, societal, educational, etc.)
  4. Law enforcement herd-mediation strategies

Write a examination paper among 4-6 pages (notwithstanding designation and allusion page, no imageless needed) or chronicles a 15-20 exact Kaltura video presenting and discussing your examination on your theme cherished. You are expected to chosen up to two elder theme areas as the focal sharp-end of your examination. Your paper or video should mirror in-depth examination and your examination must comprise at smallest two scholarly sources.

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