First, share what you determined was the root cause for week 4’s case study. Next, identify a campus area of need for improvement that may be an option for your leadership project. Use the PASL Tasks


First, distribute what you resolute was the radicle action for week 4's instance con-over. Next, realize a campus area of scarcity for progress that may be an non-interference for your start design. Use the PASL Tasks, which are sunder of the Texas certification impost requirements, for mind of the expected liberty for the start design. You can experience the PASL tasks at this attach: Include the forthcoming in your discussion: Explain why you would elect this as a practicable design. Relate how this design would profit your campus. Explain how you would profit in administrative augmentation by indispensable this design: Include maintenance from what you discovered through the self-assessments and other activities in the order.

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