This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. When designing curriculum in higher education, it is likely that you will need to be a part of a curriculum design team. This team is respo


This is a Collaborative Erudition Community (CLC) assignment.

When sly curriculum in eminent advice, it is mitigated that you gain insufficiency to be a keep-akeep-apart of a curriculum plan team. This team is legitimate for collaborating to clear ropy curriculum that can production in multiple modalities. Create a 5-8 slide digital endowment, to be delivered to a skillful-treatment team, encircling the regularity your collaboration team gain use for plan clearment.

roles on the curriculum team. The roles are:

  • Project Lead/Administrator
  • Must demonstrate best practices in the planning and plan of erudition experiences as a manage conductor and plan manage.

In a 250-300-word rationale, animadvert on the incongruous roles in this regularity, discussing the pros and cons akin to collaborating on a curriculum team.

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