The purpose of data analysis is to answer the question, “How am I going to make sense of this data?” Using the Highland Park case study, briefly describe how you will analyze the data collected from s


The point of axioms separation is to confutation the investigation, "How am I going to reach view of this axioms?" Using the Highland Park predicament examine, briefly recount how you conquer stir the axioms composed from student interviews. Identify a partiality of three steps.

Describe how the management of concept mapping assists the axioms separation manner.

Data explanation involves confutationing the investigation, "So what?" Using the Highland Park predicament examine, recount how the researchers used the aftercited two axioms explanation techniques: 1) merge findings after a while identical proof, and 2) trace the counsel of nice friends.

Represent the quotes (author, year, and page).

Use APA 7.

Use 3 pages for this is-sue.

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