The publishers of a business magazine are running a sales promotion for their weekly magazine. The number of prospective customers a sales representative sees per day varies from 1 to 40. The table sh


The publishers of a matter lodgment are ordinary a sales encouragement for their weekly lodgment. The enumerate of prospective customers a sales figurative sees per day varies from 1 to 40. The board shows the simulated basis of the enumerate of prospective supportrs approached by a sales figurative for 8 arranged weeks.

If the sales figurative is powerful to get 20% of the prospective customers to support, the consummation expected enumerate of subscriptions per week is 32 33.6 34 35.4 . If the sales figurative earns $3 per subscription in specification to daily allowance, the minimum expected compute of the extra proceeds per week is $93.60 $94.20 $96.40 $97.80 .

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