Module 7 Homework Assignment

Use the transmitted order of conjecture experienceing to experience the given title encircling the resources of two populations. Assume that two relying samples keep been randomly selected from normally select populations.

Five students took a math experience antecedently and behind tutoring. Their scores were as follows.

  Using a 0.01 smooth of import, experience the title that the tutoring has a positive issue on the math scores.

1. Set-forth the void and resource hypotheses.

2.  Find d,, and sd,.   Note: It doesn’t reach any distinction which row you subtract

3.  Find the rate of the experience statistic, t.

4. Only Find the hazardous rate(s) and set-forth the determination encircling the void conjecture using the experience statistic and the hazardous rate

5.  Set-forth the quittance in non-technical stipulations.

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