Read the case study and answer the 3 essay questions. Each response need to be at least 200 words. Please review the following case study and then answer the question below. You should integrate inf


Read the fact examine and counterpart the 3 essay inquirys.  Each apology need to be at last 200 articulation. 

Please criticism the forthcoming fact examine and then counterpart the inquiry underneath. You should solder notice skilled from the systematize materials (textbook/article readings, lectures, or your own unique elaboration). Since this is an known quantity ordeal, affect exempt to criticism as ample of the materials as needed in rankify to agree good-natured-natured weighty counterparts. Solder at last two of your systematize materials into each counterpart. (Please hint the fabricator when citing notice from your systematize materials. It won’t be certain to understand references for this ordeal cosmical you understand notice used beyond of the systematize materials.)

 Case Study: Meghan is a 34-year-old unique woman seeking admonition from you for her discomfiture and woe in morals. As you assess her romance you perceive out the forthcoming notice: She is a CPA and efforts at a topical accounting attached. She reports affecting very concerned most of the duration and has felt that way for the spent year. She besides reports entity wearied all the duration and has difficulty concentrating. She unquestionably doesn’t entertain any friends and has not dated since noble school. She grew up in a race succeeding a while abundant conflicts, and her parents divorced shortly succeeding she left for school. She has two older fellows, and she quiet holds raging affectings inland her race. Her mother has been on eagerness medication for divers years. She besides reports that she repeatedly affects down (depressed) and has felt that way for most of her adult morals. As you inquiry her, you perceive out that she was sexually affrontd by her fellow at the age of 9 and has never told anyone but you. She appears to be very subvert, unflourishing, and raging environing this affront.

1.       Essay Question:  Agree an overall fact conceptualization of this fact. (In other articulation, teach what her issues are, where her issues began, and how they manifested themselves up to this purpose.) Remember to solder systematize materials and understand at last 200 articulation.

2.       Essay Question:  Meghan reports entity concerned most of the duration.  Based on your systematize materials, 1) Agree and teach some of the causal factors for eagerness and then 2) teach how you would engage them to Meghan? (This counterpart should be at last 200 articulation.)

3.       Essay Question: Select the top three issues you would nonproduction to effort on primary succeeding a while Meghan and then agree your public contrivance for helping her succeeding a while these issues.  Be trusting to solder ideas for composition from your systematize materials.  Be trusting to solder at last three systematize materials into your counterpart. (This counterpart should be at last 250 articulation.)

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