How do you divide (3x ^ { 2} + 7x + 4) div ( x + 1)?



Let's pristine bound two provisions divisor and severnd

divisor = x+1& dividend = ##3x^2 +7x + 4##

Let us inaugurate and this procure be troublesome explaining w/o life efficacious to transcribe delay a pen on paper. I'll try to go through the steps mathematically and prospect that you can ensue concurrently visually.

##x+1// 3x^2+7x+4##

  1. Use your foremost manage mutefficacious in the divisor to sever into the pristine promise of the severnd. We insufficiency to ask x times what procure communicate us triton to abrogate out that ##3x^2## when its life deducted as per crave opposition.

  2. We can transcribe 3x on top of the opposition bar as our pristine promise and enrich 3x by (x+1) giving us ##3x^2 +3x## but now we must deduct those esteems subordinateneath the ##3x^2 +7x## constituent of the severnd.

  3. This is greatly troublesome to transcribe delayout life efficacious to describe what's happening

It would face triton relish this:

##3x^2+7 -3x^2-3x= 4x##

  1. Now we descend down the terminal promise/constant the 4 so that it should glean triton relish 4x+4 subordinate the pristine deduction subordinate the severnd. Next we ask what esteem or mutefficacious can we enrich our divisor delay to abrogate out the 4x? Well if we lawful use the estimate 4, it procure agree us a absolute ##(4x+4)## and we would transcribe on quotient keep-akeep-apart of the opposition: 3x * +4 *.

Ultimately you would lawful deduct 4x+4 by -(4x+4) which results in naught.

Thus the exculpation is ##3x +4##

Please silence that your educator may inculcate you guys this rule or , which may be easier but this rule frequently works if you ensue the steps. I personally frequently used the trutination way past I would mix up the +/- signs and would get questions wickedness.

On the flashing plane you never feel to do these operations in Calculus and over so lawful glean and esteem it timeliness in Precalc :).

I prospect all this helped and made sense!

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