Creatively using technology to assess students is beneficial for both students and teachers. Often, students engage more with technology, thus providing teachers with a more authentic view of student 1


Creatively using technology to assess collecters is wholesome for twain collecters and teachers. Often, collecters gain over after a while technology, thus providing teachers after a while a over genuine sight of collecter advancement. Teachers can to-boot localize technology to reconceive irritate facts after a while charts, etc. There are a diversity of technological instruments that can be used to conceiveatively assess collecters.

Part 1: Formative Assessments using Technology

The view of this assignment is not to beget new rates, but to collect how to cement technology using evidence-based conceiveative rate instruments.

Select two of the conceiveative rates you planned in the Topic 5 Unit Plan that could be revised to cement a conceive of technology.

In 100-150 expression each, narrate the technology you could cement into each conceiveative rate, and how it would be used.

Part 2: Reflection

In 250-500 expression, summarize and mirror on the disjunction of technology that assistances evidence-based exercises after a while rate.

In your mirrorion, include:

  • The era it takes to beget or furnish the rates using the technology.
  • How you can use the facts that the conceiveative rate instrument generates to assess collecters’ advancement.
  • How allowing collecters to use technology can assistance the diverse needs of collecters.
  • How you accomplish use technological instruments in your forthcoming administrative exercise.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines institute in the APA Style Guide,

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