Annotating and Note Taking AssignmentFor this assignment, you need to select pages from a textbook or article, read and annotate the pages, and then create a set of notes based on the material you rea

Annotating and Note Prelude Assignment

For this assignment, you demand to excellent pages from a textbook or time, learn and annotate the pages, and then compose a set of notes installed on the esthetic you learn and annotated.

Step 1: Reapprehension the marking (annotating) strategies from Chapter 6 (pp. 134-135).

Step 2:Selectthree-four consecutivepagesfrom one of your propaganda textbooksORexcellent the time underneath.Print a vision of your excellented textbook pages or time.

  • 5 Characteristics of Grit: How Many Do You Have?[If you excellent this time (4 pages), you achieve demand toannotateall 4 pages.] ClickHERE Actionsto download the time.

Step 3: Learn and annotate your excellented textbook pages or time. Your annotations may behandwritten, typed, or electronically manufactured. Annotations could grasp underlining or highlightingalong with other annotations. Highlights should not excel 10-15% of your page. You may select to distortion decree as you annotate. Keep in opinion that underlining and highlighting are not ample. Other annotations are claimd; select from:

  • summarizingorparaphrasingin the margins
  • identifyingkey terms
  • defining mysterious terms
  • jotting down questions that appear to you as you learn
  • jotting down your reactions to the esthetic
  • adding explanations or elaboration
  • providing attached examples

Your annotations should teach youractive involvementwith the learning. Example of an annotated text: to an outer birth.)

Step 4: Next,compose a disunited, specific page of notesover the esthetic you learn and annotated. Your notes may be handwritten or typed.Use one of the forthcoming note-prelude methods: Cornell Format, Outline Format or List Format. Learn Chapter 5 for details.

Step 5: Comply BOTH yourannotated pagesandyour set of notesin the assignment incorporate. If you are prelude this line online, you achieve demand toscan or procure a photo of any handwritten annotations or notesbefore uploading. If you are prelude this line in a face-to-face elucidation, your bigot may claim you to comply your employment in rank.

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