a psych evaluation to prepare for a person who suffers from borderline personality disorder, do you have any good examples I can use for this project?…


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Applied Final Project

Pick a class from a idol book (fabrication or nonfiction) or from a idol movie. Choose a class whom you admire to own a metaphysical assumption (e.g., Sylvia Plath, Antwone Fisher). Describe the class and his problems, using this argument as a footing for diagnosing the identical and planning a texture program. Make your idiosyncrasy using the DSM-V.

Carefully siege the reader through the steps you followed to flow on a idiosyncrasy (using all five axes) and a sign of texture (e.g., therapy, potential medication, referrals to other professionals). Describe any other recommendations you own, including assessments you would shortness completed to acceleration precisely diagnose your class.

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