History of Life

Superman was breaking down a door. It’s important to remember this because he talks about how he refused to act stupid and how he is breaking down his own door In the sense that he Is teaching others how to read and write and breaking stereotypes. Indians aren’t supposed to be able to read and write, but now he Is teaching other Indians to do these things because he didn’t conform. 2) The verb that Is repeated was read. This emphasizes his passion for reading and his dedication to it.
He is trying to say that his coming to literacy was a hardship. It took perseverance to achieve it and now he is trying to help others to achieve that same goal. 3) The statement made by Frederick Douglas has the complete opposite meaning to what Alexia feels. I don’t think Alexia envied his classmates because if he did envy them, why did he go his own way when others ridiculed him? Alexis difficulties demonstrated not conforming to the stereotype he was given while his classmates worried about upholding that stereotype. ) She waited and waited for her parent’s to tell her the news. They were moving away from everything she knew… Again. It pained her to know that she had to say goodbye. Writing in 3rd person decreases the meaning of the moment. It creates a distance between my emotions and me. Graduation 1) She hopes to one day be able to do what her heart desires, not Just what society believes she should do. The speaker knew the Negro race to be athletes and farmers. She aspired to be more than that. 2) It shows how life was back then for African-American citizens.
It appeals to the reader’s emotions because you see how hard the Negroes work for their education just for somebody to tell them that they will just be the next big athlete or farmer. 3) Angelo viewed poetry as a way to sustain culture and empathic with the author’s emotions. Anzaјa viewed poetry as a right and a way to express one’s self. She was always told to tame her tongue and poetry was a way that she could freely express herself. 4) When I first made cheerleaders In high school, I expected It to be easy. It wasn’t.

It was a lot of hard work, but once I adjusted to the reality of it, I loved every minute of it My expectations for the next year were definitely modified to fit what actually happens. Turkeys In the Kitchen ) He talks about how the women work in the kitchen while the men watch sports. Also he addresses how men wont go Into the kitchen unless they need a beer or something to snack on. He adds that the only men who know how to cook have hyphenated last names and stay at home all day while his wife works, which isn’t always the case. 2) HIS use of humor helps make a serious subject lighthearted.
It helps people better relate to these situations about men and women. He confirms the stereotypes of men and women. 3) Parry’s humor is lighthearted and funny, while Steadier’s humor is more sarcastic. They are similar in the sense that both styles of humor make reading these stories easier on the audience. They differ in that one is lighthearted and playful, while one is more serious. 4) Holidays in my family are very similar to Parry’s. My dad and the other men sit around and talk and drink beer. The women are usually in the kitchen cooking the meals or watching the younger kids play.
Why Don’t We Complain? 1) His three examples were when the temperature on a train is 85 degrees, when the movie screen is out of focus, and when he was in a ski shop and one of the employees wasn’t working. ) He states that each year, Americans voice their opinions less and less because they feel that it is the place of the government to decide what is best for this country. He uses the example of when Premier Khrushchev came to American and only a few people made posters that challenged his tyranny. 3) The behaviors in Buckley essay are when people are too afraid to stand up for themselves.
The behaviors in Coacher’s essay are when people feel empathy for another human who is suffering. The difference that can be seen between these 2 essays are that one has to do with why people give into what they ear or what they feel and the other deals with why people are afraid of standing up for what they want. 4) I care about the equal treatment of everyone, no matter who they are. I demonstrate my beliefs by treating everyone with love and compassion. I act as if everyone is my friend. I treat others the way I want to be treated. Myth of Latin Woman 1) They all show people treating Coffer like her cultures stereotype.
They treat her as if she was uneducated, unprofessional, and easy. In these incidents, no one stopped and thought to talk to her or give her the respect any human deserves. Instead, they treated her like an idiot or like she didn’t belong. 2) She states that the Latinist that are recognized in our culture are the ones who wear scandalous clothing with too much make up and Jewelry, those who are uneducated and don’t speak much English, those who are unprofessional, and those who belong in the kitchen or as maids. She claims that classifications about certain races or cultures aren’t always right.
People Judge other cultures based off what the media portrays them as. 3) Over the course of my life, Eve had instances of people treating me like I am uneducated because of the stereotype that people label blondes and cheerleaders as. It’s very degrading when people treat me that way. I take a lot of pride in my schoolwork and grades. I cheer because I love the sport, not because of the social status I receive. 4) When I see a girl wearing revealing clothing, I usually assume she’s doing it for the attention and to be slut. I realize this isn’t always the case.
I believe we can live without these snap Judgments. You don’t know the other person’s situation therefore you can’t Judge them. People don’t always act like their stereotype. On Morality 1) She feels that when people claim that there is a moral imperative to do something that is when they will take action to get what they deem as “right” done. 2) She never defines what morality is. She explains that morality is what we feel right and wrong are and that those beliefs are formed in our childhood. She approaches it this way to help people understand that morals will vary Witt every person.
No person is raised the same way as another. 3) As humans we are always forced to make choices. Eve been in situations where I had to choose between right and wrong. It isn’t always the easiest decision, but because of how I was raised, I know to make the right decision. My mom always taught me to put others before myself. That is what I view as right. 4) The conscience can be insidious. When people are caught up in a moment, their old may be tempting them to make the wrong choice. For example, serial killers think in a different way than other people do.
What they are doing may be “right” to them because of what they grew up around. Learning to Read 1) He learned to read from the boys around his neighborhood and from his mistress when she was kind to him. He read the newspapers when he could. He learned to write from watching the men at the shipyard label what the boards were going to. He also learned from his little Master’s copybook and the boys in the neighborhood. 2) His mistress undergoes a learning experience from her husband on how to treat slaves. She used to be kind and tender -hearted. She used to treat Douglas how any human being should be treated.
Her husband thought that was wrong and she then became cruel Just like him. She stopped teaching Douglas how to read as well. 3) The way Douglas was treated and why he wasn’t educated was ere similar to that of how Epsilons were treated in Brave New World. Douglas wasn’t deprived of oxygen and didn’t have alcohol poured into his test tube, but he was deprived of an education out of fear that he may revolt, Just like the Epsilons. If both slaves and the Epsilons knew that they were being mistreated, they would revolt. 4) I Just recently found out that I’m allergic to seafood.
It is pleasurable and painful because seafood is my favorite food and I can never at it again, but it’s also very unhealthy. So on the downside I can’t eat it, but on the bright side, I’m avoiding unhealthy food. Serving in Florida 1) She has to pay rent and buy food for herself. 2) She tells us about each of their living conditions and the latest drama going on in the hotel and their lives. She tells us when people are planning on quitting and some who want to switch Jobs. Also, there was a drug issue going on with the hotel and she told us whom all the employees thought it was. ) People can be homeless or near foreclosure even if they have a Job. Some people work at minimum wage or work double Jobs Just to try and pay rent, but sometimes that isn’t enough. 4) Eve never worked for minimum wage, but most of my friends do. I can imagine how hard it must be to slave away for hours to only make enough to Just get by. The Allegory of the Cave 1) The cave represents how we see or interpret our reality or the reality around us. The shadows in the story represent an interpretation of reality that people try to interpret or explain without really knowing what it meaner.
The light represents the truth of all things. The puppeteers represent the people of higher rank in society and how they try to alter other people’s realities. 2) The comparisons help to show the importance of non-worldly things such as knowledge, wisdom, and common sense. He compares wisdom and virtue to silver and gold because they nave the same importance. Without silver or gold, we wouldn’t be able to trade or purchase items Just like how without virtue and knowledge we wouldn’t know anything about the world we live in. 3) The allegory made in Plat’s essay is seen today in many countries all over the world.
Most governments use their authority to benefit themselves; they use it for personal gain. For example, some governments ay tax the people more to sponsor a personal fund. Also, in North Korea, the government tries to alter the citizens’ perceptions of the world like the puppeteers in Plat’s story. ) Some people involved in politics may have a personal connection to a public affair. Cancer fundraisers, charities, marathons supporting a good cause, etc. Are all great examples of public affairs that politicians want to get involved in purely because they are for a good cause.
Just Be Average 1) Brother Dill, who taught him to be tough. Mr.. Metropolis, who had them read Caesar and half think. Mr.. Monnet took no responsibility and taught Rose to do the same thing. Brother Clint was the one who caught the error and placed him in College Prep, which led to Rose getting a decent education. Mr.. McFarland pushed him to be the scholar he wanted to be. McFarland led to Rose’s love of language and books and recommended that he go to college. 2) He talks about the boundaries that schools place on kids who learn at a slower level. These boundaries serve as a guide as to who goes where in society.
Society deems the Vocational Education students as “inadequate” in the work field, so they are given mediocre Jobs. That boundary also teaches those kids that they are nothing more than the “Common Leo” and that they shouldn’t try because they are always going to be behind. 3) Both f the classifications made in Angelinos essay and in Rose’s essay represent the hardships that some people have to overcome in order to succeed. The African- Americans were always told they would amount to nothing more than athletes Just as the kids in Vocational Education were told and viewed themselves as below average and mediocre. ) I have definitely been pushed past what I thought was my limit. My teachers have helped and guided me through my schooling experience to be the best possible student I can be. In our education system, students are rewarded with DOD grades, honor medals/certificates, and recognition from teachers or colleges. Traditional motivation has always worked for me because I take a lot of pride in my schoolwork and I know what I am capable of. A system that might encourage all students to do their best would be on without boundaries.
If a child doesn’t feel restricted from his/her potential, then they will aspire to be better instead of Just quitting. A Plague of Tics 1) He kissed news papers, licked a mushroom decoration, licked light switches and door knobs, Jabbed butter knifes into an electrical outlet, smashed his shoes to his forehead, rocked, listened to music and tried to interpret its meaning, touch the front or with his elbows, count things, Jerk his head, roll his eyes back, put his nose to the windshield, he’d straighten objects into lines or rows, and he would tighten lids and lights.
These are tics because he found an uncontrollable urge to perform these tasks and couldn’t move on with his day until everything was done. 2) Five examples would be when he imagined bad things happening to his roommate so he could rock, him questioning why his teacher would want to lick his light switches when she doesn’t use hers, when en told his roommate that his head snaking was because to a moor, when he goes over the list of demands his brain makes him do, and when he questions why he can’t press his nose to the windshield of the car.
These examples act as a relief from the seriousness of the story. It makes it more enjoyable to read rather than somber. Also, him questioning why he can’t do certain things acts as a contrast to how he thinks to that of how a normal person thinks. 3) They act similarly to those situations. Both authors are so caught up in what others think about them, that they can’t find time to think for themselves and decide who it is they ant to be. They both try to alter the way people about them by making up excuses or by trying to change their look. ) One time when I was little, I Jumped off the bed after my mom told me not to and I got a huge gash in my shin from hitting the dresser. I didn’t want to tell my mom because I was so afraid that she was going to yell at me. I tried to play it off and hide the cut, but the guilt of not telling her consumed my every thought. I finally broke down and told her, but in that moment I wished that I could’ve stopped thinking about it and Just have let it go. Some people sis that they could turn their mind off so that they won’t continue harmful habits or so they can hide the truth from others.
It’s a defense mechanism our mind has to help us cope with the reality of the situation. The Death of the Moth 1) As the moth takes flight, everything outside seems to come to life. The birds are flying, the horses are roaming, the farmers are out tilling the land, and everything is alive. As the moth dies everything outside ceases to commence, almost as if the outside world has sensed death. 2) The size off creature does not matter. Life and death impacts every organism eventually. It Just goes to show that the same struggles that humans go through other creatures do too.
The way that the moth flies from corner to corner represents the way humans go through life. We create a sort of pattern that we rely on to keep us going. When we get older and start to become more immobile, death starts to take its toll on us. We can try and fight it, but it comes to get all of us in the end. She could have used any living thing to write this essay or lust simply explain the common patterns that occur in everyday life. 3) I had a friend pass away freshman year at the age of 13.
This story reminds me of her in the sense that death comes at the most unexpected moments like it did for the moth. She was very happy and acted as if everything was normal. She went through her day as she normally did in the same pattern: school, cheer, bed. Then all of a sudden she was gone, Just like the moth. 4) I pass a lot of road kill on my way to school in the morning and it makes me think about how truly short life is. It can Just be taken away from you in an instant. Just because someone or something seems to be doing fine and going about its normal patter doesn’t mean that it’s invincible.

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