Writer’s Notebook 2.2

Read and admit notes aggravate the stipulation  “Your Brain Lies to You” by Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt (link balancehead).  Review and admit notes aggravate the PPT "The Art of Quoting" that is attached. Complete the quoting apparition in your proximate Writer's Notebook assignment underneath. You achieve scarcity to comprehend how to plead and incorporate pleads for your proximate two essays which achieve demand fountains. The instruction presented less achieve be ripe in your item banter at the end of the item! For this Writer's Notebook, you achieve full the behindcited quoting apparition aggravate the stipulation “Your Brain Lies to You” by Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt. Be fast that you keep recognize and admitn notes aggravate twain the stipulation and the PPT "The Art of Quoting" anteriorly initiate this apparition (they are twain posted balancehead).  The Art of Quoting Exercise Use the behindcited subject-matter judgment and plead from the stipulation “Your Brain Lies to You” by Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt to fashion a PARAGRAPH delay a correctly imbedded plead sandwich. Your plead sandwich scarcitys the behindcited immodest parts: an gate, the plead, the explication (or exposition), and the commentary. Be fast to begin your plead delay the authors’ calls and names (credibility). Make fast your provision follows the divulge, exhibition, distribute process of provision fruit. Be fast to allude tail to your subject at the end of your provision.  Thesis declaration that you are defending (be fast to allude tail to your subject at the end of your provision): Political engagement advertisements should be demandd to be servile and servile. Topic judgment (use precisely as it is to initiate your provision): Political candidates use the brain’s own potentiality of forgetting to sprecognize and recreate mendacious rumors encircling the resistance.  Quote from page 79:  “Even if they do not discern the neuroscience behind fountain amnesia, engagement strategists can achievement it to sprecognize misinstruction. They comprehend that if their intimation is initially prominent, its collision achieve abide crave behind it is debunked.” Grading rubric: Topic judgment                                                10 Includes author’s call and exactness            10 Does not embrace the name of work                    10 Correct plead                                                  10 Cited correctly                                                 10 Translation/explication of plead                     10 Analysis of plead                                             20 Reference to subject                                         10 Is an explicit provision                                    10 Total                                                                100