Week 1 – Difference between Coaching and Mentoring

Complete Parts 1-3 adown as making-ready for unfolding your coaching intention. Approach each segregate as a way to succor the pre-eminent at your instruct know the differences betwixt coaching and mentoring, as well-behaved-behaved as opine significant interrogations cognate to the coaching intention.  Part 1: Create a chart, diagram, or other visual parade of the characteristics, roles, and responsibilities of coaching and mentoring. Highlight the similarities and differences betwixt the two.  Part 2: Prepare a handout, brochure, poster, or other job aid that you can portion-out after a while the pre-eminent and teachers on your campus that addresses the aftercited interrogations:  What factors must you protect in desire when working near a new pre-eminent? What interrogations must you ask precedently determining a new coaching design or program? What are the strengths of the staff and how can these strengths be utilized in your coaching intention? In what areas conquer teachers demand the most assistance? How conquer you detail these areas of demand? How should goals for student letters be detaild? How should those goals be addressed?  Part 3: Develop a register of five interrogations to ask the pre-eminent as you unfold your coaching intention. Provide a rationale for each interrogation and an description of how the pre-eminent's responses conquer succor superintend you in unfolding an powerful coaching intention.