Strategic Management report

Project:  To Propose ONE Strategic Start For Estia Health Encompassing A 3-YEAR Time Horizon. Format: Report   Length: 6,000 Words (Max), 1.5 Line Spaced, 12 Point Times New Roman. Note: The Word Count Does Not Include References Or Appendices  Harvard referencing according to PDF example A. Executive Summary  B. Introduction  C. Identify Estia’s floating common archearchetype of interest by examining its policy proposition and/or its estimate obligation activities.  D. Propose ONE new strategic start for the organisation to tool.  (Can be important professional start i.e. negotiateing / technology / consequence (service) innovation/development, and M&A.  Describe its divergency in details and exonerate why it is strategic.  (1000words) E. Evaluate suitability of strategic start, in-particular the environment and strategic capabilities of Estia, and its floating interest policy attested in (C). F. Develop a policy toolation artifice that primarily focuses on the forthcoming areas: (2000) - What insufficiencys to be newfangled to tool the policy? and Why? - How earn the changes designed be managed and tooled? G. Explain how the structure can gauge the strategic start you designed.  Focus specifically on: (1000) - A set of key prosperity gauges for the strategic start, using Balance Scorecard. - Draw a policy map that indicates the key prosperity gauges and their hierarchical relationships. H. Conclusion Findings of pristine assignment earn be shared following counter-argument. Deadline in 5 days on 28 Mar 2018 @ 7pm I insufficiency  the 3 year policy to be skilled and so for new negotiate product  into Tasmania to be divorce of the assignment.