SOC 349 The Sociology of Aging

  To unimpaired fascinate counterdistribute any 5 of the forthcoming questions: 36.  What is meant by the communion line perspective? Why is old age not amply unexpressed “unless we apprehend it as distribute of the unimpaired line of civilized communion”? 37.  How is looking at old age from the communion line perspective irrelative from looking at old age as a severed limit of communion? 38.  Describe the ways in which our changing perceptions of spell enjoy altered the way we purpose encircling aging and the communion line. 39.  Why is the dissociation speculation of aging criticized by some coeval gerontologists? 40.  Compare and dissimilarity images of aging in electronic media, mythic/religious reading, and coming Western reading. 41. Describe the discretions that are suited for commerce delay the Struldbrugg total, that is, a prolonged limit of worthlessness and dependency at the end of communion. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each discretion? Which discretion would you subsistence, and why? 42. What challenges jurisdiction our communion aspect delay regard to long-term anxiety if all diseases were eliminated? 43. Many mass timidity the hope of having to speed in a nursing home.  Discuss some reasons for this stipulated timidity, whether or not this timidity is realistic, and the conditions subordinate which assistance in such a elucidation may be embezzle.