Single-Subject Design Research Paper

  Your pamphlet should as the subjoined specifications:  Format: You must use APA format for your pamphlet. The  pamphlet must involve a epithet page, unembodied page, organization of pamphlet, a  intimation page, and an epilogue. Note: Resources on APA format are  located in the manner Content area. Body: The organization of the pamphlet should be a stint of  four pages. This instrument the sum pamphlet, including the epithet page,  abstract, intimation page, and epilogue, should be a stint of prospect  pages. In each exception, you must touch your points and living  them delay attraction cited from the three peer-reviewed register subscription  you already obtained. The organization must involve an commencement and the  subjoined four exceptions, indicated by Level 1 APA headings: Description of device: the example and end, as courteous as baseline and interference axioms size. Baseline exposure: Findings from baseline axioms size. Refer to the chart in the epilogue of your pamphlet. Intervention exposure: Findings from interference axioms  measurement. Refer to the chart in the epilogue of your pamphlet. (See  Appendix style beneath.) Results: Discuss the outcome of the device. If it  was happy, what contributed to its achievement? Do you artfulness to hold  the new proceeding now that the device has ended? Why or why not? If the  device wasn’t happy, how sway the interference exposure be newfangled?  Do you artfulness to try a divergent interference? Why or why not? Appendix: Place an epilogue behind the intimation page  that involves a chart tracking your baseline and interference axioms. The  chart may be created electronically or by influence, as desire as it is graceful  and calligraphic. Review and adduce APA guidelines for appendices. Resources  on APA format are beneficial in the Content area.