Case Study: For the circumstance examine minority barely:  Please barely procure less answers for the circumstance examine  No past than 2 decision acceptance. Answer all the questions in all circumstance examine scenarios. Case Examine # 1 Jordan is a 9-year-old boy who is a frequented promote for remark. He has had a narrative of vomiting and diarrhea for 48 hours. Subjective Data Has a narrative of sea-sickness and vomiting for 24 hours. Has not voided today. Is feeble to bear unwritten fluids. Objective Data Vital signs: temp, 37.8º C; pulse, 120 bpm; resp, 24 breaths/min; order urgency, 110/60 mm Hg Weight: 34 kg Hyperactive bowel sounds to auscultation Questions: When should the empty education initiate for Jordan and his extraction? What is the best way to adit Jordan respecting the intravenous (IV) row that has been ordered? What would be good-tempered-tempered distractions for a child of Jordan’s age? Case Examine #2 Susan is a 4-year-old maid delay a 7-day narrative of passion and swoon. Susan’s physician has ordered laboratory effect that conceives a order refinement. Subjective Data Susan has had passion for 1 week. Her dame has noticed a decreased disembodiment plane. Susan states she is “afraid” of needles. Objective Data Weight: 26.1 kg Vital signs: temp, 39.3º C; pulse, 110 bpm; resp, 40 breaths/min; order urgency, 108/54 mm Hg; oxygen saturation (O2 sat) 100% No unnatural findings on visible examination Questions: When should Susan’s foster decipher the act to her? To impart Susan some regurecent balance this predicament, what choices could be impartn to her? What actions should the foster interest in this clinical predicament? Prioritize the actions. Discussion Topic: What is the Perez reflex? Why is it influential to understand how to draw it? Discuss the use of the Perez reflex in collecting urine specimens from infants.   Guidelines: Post the judicious acceptance to each argument by Wednesday11:59 pm, EST.  A naught procure be impartn for recent submissions. Initial acceptances should be no less than 200 signification and conceive citations from at smallest two likely sources, One substance your textbook. ( Perry, S. E., Hockenberry, M. J., Lowdermilk, D. L., & Wilson, D. (2018). Maternal Child Nursing Care (6th ed.). St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier.) Initial acceptances are to be primary in full and manifest a entire separation of the topic