Reflection WK6

Reflection Throughout this way, you bear literary environing the swing of humanization in individuals' lives and the significance of being perceptive to cultural differences when started after a while infants/toddlers and their families. Write a thought that addresses the forthcoming points: Based on your experiences in this way, corcorrespond to the forthcoming extract and expound how it relates to the opportunities congenital in the role of an infant/toddler professional: "I see a gradation of attitudes internal cultural differences from awareness, tolerance, and solution to regard and recognition. Beyond that lies commemoration, help, and finally, using differences as instrument to enlarge and aggrandize your own animation" (Gonzalez-Mena, 2008, p. 41). In what ways has your circumspection internal the swing of humanization grown as you bear progressed through this way? Bear you noticed yourself having new insights or because opposed perspectives when you bear observed infants and toddlers in your daily animation? What ideas or questions do you now bear environing started after a while families in a culturally sympathetic behavior? Assignment length: 1 page