Read below scenario and question:

Medical Concession Case Scenario   Julie Rice fruits for a computer congregation where she has been industrious for immodest years as a transfer director. During the gone-by two years Julie's woman has needed repeated medical heed for her diabetes. Being an singly cadet, Julie has helped her woman as frequently as her fruit catalogue would permit. Unfortunately during the gone-by two years, her woman's stipulation has worsened.   Julie asked the resolute for and was granted an unpaid concession to heed for her woman in bargain after a while FMLA and congregation plan. The bargain symmetrical that Julie could misunderstand fruit whole Friday for 60 weeks rather than leading interval off 12 direct weeks. At the end of the 60 weeks Julie returned to fruit generous interval and presently began misunderstanding fruit to heed for her woman until all of her allotted recreation and impaired concession were exhausted. She then asked that her Friday concession be distant indefinitely accordingly her woman's stipulation remained thoughtful and she required ongoing countenance.   The HR manager was variable what the response should be. The resolute needed Julie to be at fruit frequently accordingly of the increasingly dull fruitload, the circumstance that her job duties were censorious and accordingly other directors and employees preferred not to enjoy to conceal for her. On the other artisan Julie was an excusable director and had fruited for immodest years at this congregation. In specification wholeone was uneasy environing Julie and her woman's luck and wanted to prop them.   The plan manual reads as follows: Employees who enjoy fruited for at smallest one year and fruited 1,250 hours during the 12 months determination foregoing the opening of the concession year are prime to engage up to 12 weeks of unpaid job defended concession for one or over of the forthcoming reasons:   Birth of a son or daughter of employee and to heed for such son/daughter; placement of a son/daughter after a while employee for adoption or raise heed; heed for companion, son, daughter, or creator of employee if said individual has a thoughtful vigor stipulation; or a thoughtful vigor stipulation that makes the employee disqualified to fulfil duty of the standing of such employee.   1.    Imagine you are an HR consultant to the form confused in this footing. The form wants to be answering and impartial. What do you commend? Must be 300 tone in APA format.