PSY110 Chapter 4 Test Taking Question

1.  Write a 50- to 175-account e-mail to a ward that discusses the strategies you are acquirements encircling this week. Determine you understand answers to the following: · What are some notetaking strategies? · What are some tips to rank through wild amounts of notice on the web? How do you determine you are decision commanding notice? · How can developing good-tempered-tempered con-over manners aid you to forsake plagiarism in your advenient studies or in the workplace? Tip: When answerableness your e-mail, resurvey the sections in Chapter 7 titled, “Writing Effective E-Mail Messages” and “Netiquette: Showing Civility on the Web.”  Answer the doubt after a while 100 account poverty using Literature: P.O.W.E.R Acquirements Chapter 4    1. What new strategies did you glean to discourse examination taking?  How so you discourse your examination solicitude and use it for fabricate?  Answer the doubt after a while a poverty of 100 accounts.  Plagiarism video immovable and Academic Strategies for resurvey.  2. What is plagiarism?  After viewing the video, how manifold times in week one or two did you follow plug to or unknowingly plagiarize?  What is APA Style and quotation use?   Fort Worth's Alliance Town Center