Proofreading/Edits/Rewriting Certain Sections

Need to enjoy the attached proofed, edited, and rewrote by Sunday Jan. 12th EST. PRICE FIRM : $30.50 The ocean factors are underneath....  Here are the ocean things are as follows:   The top critique includes the  following inquirys/comments that I’m not amply stable how to implement….   1. The inquiry is what precisely do you delineation on doing delay the learning  data?   2. While you are gaining instruction on workplace dissimilarity, how can  this tend to organizations and the overall learning?  3. What conciliate you do delay this ordinary alliance instruction? The  overall aim of discernment is directed at who?   4. Who is it that you deficiency to thrust some kind of discernment? Then  what?   ***More specialty needs to be comprised on the processology.  ******Please still n ess suitable now the suggestion talks encircling using an  Information Technology sodality in Charlotte NC but I am changing that to  a Law Firm and interviewing separate participants.   The first posterity is in the processology. Be stable that you propound why the  qualitative process is best for your con-over and other processs are not.  Also, be stable to refer-to Creswell and at last one other learninger.