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   Watch the Youtube video Deming at Pontiac. Exploration W. Edwards Deming and the Total Quality Movement (TQM).  Read the condition Netflix vs Blockbuster – 3 Key Takeaways and A Blockbuster Failure: How an Outdated Occupation Design Destroyed a Giant Research Blockbuster versus Netflix. Consider the commodities that outdo computing has had on Netflix’s occupation design. Consider as-well how Deming and TQM would accept dealt after a while (or avoided) the problems that occurred at Blockbuster. What does a TQM example seem love in an IT office? How would IT aid Total Quality at your sodality? The paper must be at last 5 pages plus the protect and intimation pages and be in APA format. Each paper must accept at last 3 academic sources. Academic sources do not include wikis, missive boards, aid forums, etc. Do not portraiture and paste bulky blocks of passage from your sources!  As after a while any exploration contrivance, mould indisputable to choose a position, shield after a while works cited, and complete.