Nursing Research Paper

  This monograph get possess an 8-page fact (8 pages completion – 5 aim conclusion for aggravate page name) plus a name page, intellectual page, and regard roll.  You must use a minimum of immodest primordial scrutiny designations for your monograph. The meaning is to transcribe a revisal of the learning on to tally your PICOT interrogation using primordial scrutiny token. Examine how this sanity total is appropriate in twain the United States and a non-USA dominion, and survey immodest primordial scrutiny studies on this investigation. This is a literary monograph, written as if it was a “Review of the Literature” designation published in a nursing record. Choice designations published among the late five years (2014 to give). Do not use a non-peer revisal record. Do not use a learning revisal designation or regular revisal designation or clinical protocols as one of your designations. At meanest TWO of the immodest primordial scrutiny communication designations MUST BE authored by nurses and published in a peer-reviewed nursing record.  At meanest ONE of the two nursing scrutiny studies must address nursing manner in a non-USA dominion. Page 1: Name page Create a name for your monograph. Refer to your APA Manual. Page 2: Intellectual The intellectual should unconcealed after a while a decree that get forward as an portico to and meaning of the monograph. Then picture what is in each part of the monograph. An intellectual is usually a petty sketch of the divergency of the monograph that typically does not achieve 250 words. At the end of the intellectual fix the specialty Key Words, and reproduce-exhibit 3-4 keywords that would picture your monograph (as for promulgation and indexing in CINAHL or PubMed). Pages 3-11: Narrative Heading: Significance and Background: Start the monograph after a while a deficient article that introduces the sanity total in your PICOT interrogation. (Approximately ½-page). Heading: Purpose: Clearly limit the global sanity total, and examine why it is influential for nursing (why you are examineing this investigation).  Examine what is public environing this total in the United States and in a non-USA dominion.  For illustration, if the standpoint is adult hypertension, examine guidelines for defining hypertension in the US and in a non-USA dominion.  (Approximately 1 page). Heading: Methods: Examine the methods used to choice the subjoined scrutiny studies. Next use the subheading: Sub-headings: Study #1: Nursing scrutiny Study in the USA (Approximately 1½ pages) Sub-headings: Study #2: Nursing Scrutiny Study Non-USA (Approximately 1½ pages) Sub-headings: Study #3: Nursing Scrutiny Study USA or Non-USA (Approximately 1½ pages) Sub-headings: Study #4: Nursing Scrutiny Study USA or Non-USA (Approximately 1½ pages) Heading: Conclusion.  Summarize the key aims from your examineion. How would you transform (use) the new token rest from your appraisals to vary manner or tally your PICOT interrogation? (Approximately 1 page). Page 12+: Regard page: Refer to your APA Manual. This revisal is a literary monograph in APA format and after a while at meanest three APA regards (two designations and extractbook), cited twain in the extract and the regard page.