Marketing Assignment Help 6 Pages in 6 hours URGENT

  I insufficiency this in instant 6 hours . It is year 2005.You bear been appointed as a Head of International Marketing Startegy for Nokia Networks. You bear been asked to just a Traffic Register Strategy (in the arrange of a narration) for the GCC district. The main intention of this assignment is, behind conducting a thoroughgoinggoing traffic dissection, to confide which traffic (either Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar or United Arab Emirates) should Nokia Networks invade primary. Your traffic register confideation must be protected and justified by probable reasoning and harmonious manifestation.  You bear been attached basis sheets for these filthy GCC movable despatch traffics (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates). As a prompting, you should adopt minimum of six dignified traffic variables from these basis sheets and parallel them resisting the filthy traffics to get a good-natured-natured move for the traffic trends that succeed declare the movable despatch traffic undeveloped in the advenient. Examples of harmonious traffic variables could be Population, Nominal GDP per capita, Total Movable Reveneues etc. Furthermore, as a condition, you should awaken the clarified six variables aggravate a filthy year end (i.e. 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) to discern dignified trends amid the GCC movable telecommunications traffic.  You should put contemporaneously a traffic register strategy narration (ultimatum of 6 pages). The narration should comprise the analyses (i.e. graphs or tables to pomp the movable despatchs traffic trends), key interpretations of the used basis/variables, confideations and their strategic apology.  Chiefly your narration succeed be judged on the adoption of withhold traffic variables, condition of basis dissection, clarity in basis endowment and withholdness of confideations.