Use of 3 incongruous discourses and 3 incongruous subjects or topics  Vetting of causes among the essay Proper notation of and use of repeatd embodieds to patronage full argument Proper formatting of citations for all repeatd embodieds Works Cited after a while adapted sections listing Leading Documents and Inferior Sources Full bibliographic notification granted in Works Cited Name and dispose notification granted For each discourse you study, you scarcity to repeat your textbook OR an after a whileout inferior discover cause of your choosing unintermittently and ONE leading muniment institute either in your ebook or from an after a whileout cause. (See excite details encircling your causes underneath). Use a incongruous leading muniment for each discourse and narrative you transcribe on. You must embrace a adaptedly formatted Works Cited at the end.  These assignments get aid you imbibe to see narrative in provisions of these discourses. For each Themed Essay Assignment, you get transcribe a restriction 750-tidings note (CONTENT ONLY - Works Cited DOES NOT enumerate towards restriction tidings enumerate)    18. "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . ." ~ paradoxes in narrative ~ "heads and tails," i.e. flip verges (ex: cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered and bad) of the similar result, idiosyncratic, or attribute.   This is a discourse that requires a eminent flatten of precarious thinking and rationalistic. It is leading to apprehend that there is NO unadorned result, idiosyncratic, era, attribute, etc. that is monothematic = signification there is singly one way to inspection it. A cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered specimen of a unadorned idiosyncratic after a while frequent facets of rendering is Martin Luther. He is credited after a while one of the bravest and selfless acts in narrative by challenging the adulteration of the Catholic Church and proper the driving fibre of the Reformation. But there is another verge to Martin Luther that few distinguish encircling accordingly narrative prefers to nucleus on the dogmatical verge of him = I am talking encircling his vehement Anti-Jewish attitudes. He advocated some of the most atrocious anti-Semitic acts of his duration, irrationally hating the Jews. One cannot truthfully say they distinguish encircling Martin Luther regular they are geting to study BOTH verges of his idiosyncraticality.  19. "For deficiency of a nail . . ." ~ how technology has unprobable narrative   This is a idol discourse in narrative for students – how new inventions and innovations can vary narrative. The Cotton Gin that I mentioned over would be a cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered specimen. The moveable character printing urge used by Johann Gutenberg to body print the Bible propelled an discharge in printed embodied that incited desires in race to behove philosopher so they could discover all the embodieds nature circulated.  20. Narrative and the Environment ~ exploiting Mother Nature and its consequences.   This in husk of the contradictory of Geographic Determinism, in that it is how humans own impacted the globe, rather than how the globe has impacted humans. A cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered specimen is the Dust Bowl in American novel narrative. For thousands of years, the Great Plains of North America had been probable grazing demesne for nomadic herds. The subterranean based prairie grasses after a whilestood droughts, storms, winds, and fires. But unintermittently humans working cultivating the Great Plains in the 1800s by plowing up all the prairie grasses and replacing them after a while impermanent, weak based crops, this instantly resulted in the black blizzards of the 1930s. Droughts and winds carried all the top tarnish off the plains and carried it into the atmosphere, leaving the unintermittently luscious farm demesne a solitude wasteland.