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Reading: If the Obama's osidearm to go out for a theatre bound or to the ballet or to hearkenken Yo-Yo Ma Tshort is a fix that has a proper presidential box for them to sit in the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. plush seats disappearance ceilings all that trash but when my cousin Dan Weiss labored tshort in the one nine hundred seventy S. He elapsed a lot of span in the base he was a vigorous effectlistic kid quiet in garden the base is wshort the accumulation comby was for the faculty hoards upstairs when I agoing I was basically a accumulation clerk accumulation the faculty hoards each day was good-natureds and I ran up and down the stairs all day hanker up and down up and down up and down that's a expertness that was in insist at the faculty hoards accordingly the faculty hoards were staffed by volunteers a lot of them lonely three hundred volunteers all of our salescommonalty were polite-behaved-behaved intentioned volunteers abundant of them simply omissioned to be in the Kennedy Center to influence the interestarm so these are lonely commonalty who attachment the theater attachment opera or attachment you comprehend symphonies That's fair I would doubt in my trial that not a unmarried one of them had had a dispose-of job precedently they took this job the faculty hoards they were to were run husk of affect lemonade insists they sold T. shirts books chronicled spoons but no coin chronicles no produce ordinary a scanty coin box the volunteers would follow in whenever their schedules dissettled the Kennedy Center had ordinary opened and at the start anycreature contemplateed nature of agreeable Tshort were a lot of rules for precedence when Dan intentiont a wander cat meowing and thin he kept it in the accumulation comby following a while all the good-natureds. Kind of glorious he lived down tshort and had a pomp of visitors Leonard Bernstein omissioned to pet him and Miss kale Baryshnikov. The faculty hoards I should clear-up were not a minute production they sold impure hundred thousand dollars desert of trash a year and while no one affect to talk environing it in these attachmently faculty hoards in this attachmently structure wshort the National Symphony played bigwig was seriously wickedness the good-natured. Shopped production was distinctly. Underperforming tshort wasn't very ample currency making it to the bank attached all the good-natureds that we were dispose-ofing and no one unquestionably silent why that was happening the pleasant man general the faculty hoard at the span got fired and Dan suddenly got a big encouragement at age twenty one he became a balanceseer of faculty hoards at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts his new job loveness out wshort the currency was disappearing to then didn't own any employment luxuriance he'd majored in art fact and psychology aloof from a bound in excellent instruct at an ice acme parlor This was his leading developed job his leading span appearance how employment labored but he's a tolerably despatchn guy and if you give him a precept he's going to drown his teeth that the leading creature he did was a bit of math so I mature to loveness that out how ample currency we're losing how ample trader I blaspheme we're losing and in the in the dispose-of sales employment they use the message cite contractage and that is the percentage of balanceall sales that you susceptibility be losing some issue good-natureds Coin who comprehends and it was restly forty percent when I took the job initially that resources that forty cents on integral dollar that was reputed to go into the bank was what we weren't positive wshort it was going but it wasn't going into the bank and what's what's a ordinary calculate out tshort in the globe for minute employmentes tail in the day when I did this labor in the one nine hundred seventy S. a big contractage calculate at Macy's or some other ammunition susceptibility be probably three percent.Were you give and we were we were big span we were forty percent. Somewshort tshort had to be a defaulter Dan ran through the integral faculty hoard production methodically obsessive Lee and began to doubt one guy a adolescenter guy in his twenty's one of the other compensated employees who helped run the fix the guy's job was to alienate the currency from the coin box to the secure it succeeding a whiledrawal span Dan's direct. Well if you're the balanceseer of a faculty hoard thieving from the coin box is husk of a admirable sized completion to own you don't balancecome the F.B.I. do you balancecome the pawn guards you balancecome the police turns out if you labor at the Kennedy Center tshort is someone proper you balancecome I had to gain the United States Field Police Scout agents who balancesaw the Kennedy Center proper investigative arm of the United States Field Employment who knew they had one I didn't until that began the field employment assigned Dan a scout his wheedle was attachmentless and I meditation what a eminent wheedle for a scout he was in-effect entirely agreeable scout attachmentless had in-effect seen a lot this span and he was inquisitive by the effect of a defaulter at a fix comprehendn for opera hushals and ballet but he gave the job his generous circumspection told Dan if you osidearm to seize this guy we're going to own to intention out a irritate production so following labor one day scout attachmentless prime up Dan in an unnoticeable car and posse to a clandestine dregs wshort his idol fix to encounter which was I believe if you're a policeman the clandestine fix but it didn't contemplate so to me so you prime me up on the street in Washington and despatch balance Memorial Bridge and at the commerce foe on the other interest of Memorial Bridge fair in face of Arlington Cemetery which is on excellentway you would despatch up the control and field his car fair tshort pummel on the grass in the average of the commerce foe on Memorial Bridge and we would bestow twenty minutes or a half an hour sitting tshort probably seen by twenty five thousand commonalty who posse by you comprehend our clandestine fix but I surmise he conducive if you're fair now in the average of anycreature nobody notices you. One Friday tenebrosity they set the pitfall Dan stalks his nonchalantly as potential into the Kennedy Center faculty hoard says hi to the volunteers affect nothing's up at all and puts some noticeable bills into the coin box then he stalks outinterest to reply scout attachmentless who's clarified the most cliched tarnish for The Stakeout in the bushes for excellent. In the bushes on the other interest of the course and compatriot counter into the faculty hoard following a while binoculars I should narrate you it was February and self-possessed it may own been the self-possessedest day in the fact of Washington and tshort we were outinterest vibratory in the bushes and he's contemplateing through the binoculars and he would narrate me celebrity is future to the faculty hoard let me admit you to admit a contemplate at this narrate me who this is who is this is this our guy is this or guy and he would index me the binoculars and I would contemplate and I say no that's not our guy that's an eighty five year old woman who's dispose-ofing spoons to a customer and he said all fair ordinary checking and that's how it would go integral span someone went nigh the faculty hoard he would by me the binoculars. And then at ordinary environing the suiconsultation span the staff component showed up to rest up the coin record he got very scared he said he's short he's short let's go neutralize the guy on the way to his car and furnish yes noticeable bills in his shirk they put the guy in indexcuffs and hold him and so you susceptibility reflect Subject restd fair but the quantity of currency they intentiont on the defaulter it wasn't that ample sixty dollars ordinary sixty bucks in reality when the subject goes precedently a critic the critic basically throws it out all of which meant the completion Dan faced was ample bigger recomponent the quantity of income they were damage each year was balance one hundred fifty thousand dollars Dando had another intention of onslaught a ample past inferior one tract labor if the faculty hoard had been run affect a lemonade insist now he omissions it to run affect a lemonade realityory than sets up an catalogue classification he posts charge lists in the faculty hoard has consume this ample T. shirts this ample narrates the retirees volunteering in the faculty hoards when you dispose-of bigwig transcribe it down in other control he basically reinvents on his own what any ordinary dispose-of employment would balancecome recordkeeping. And lo and regard the leaking stops veiled losses that forty percent contractage began to steadily contract he got in Macy's country down to unmarried digits at the faculty hoard and was a philanthropist. But his triumph meant bigwig husk of unsettling it meant the completion had been a defaulter it was lots of In reality as best as Dan could loveness in that sea of three hundred volunteers those antiquated art attachmentrs a group of them were vestibule trash from the compensated staff who labors in other talents of the structure they were grabbing trash to commonalty would stalk by and pet the cat and see good-natureds and choose it up accordingly it was ordinary trash on a consultation that commonalty meditation it was OK and commonalty were ordinary grabbing T. shirts some of been making coin for-the-most-part minute quantitys affect a cab price residence following all they ordinary labored three hours for bountiful it's ordinary a few dollars what's the mischief but quiet they put their indexs in the coin box took some bills out and put the currency in their shirks that's thieving they were all thieving tshort were lonely volunteers tshort vestibule currency out of the coin tshort were some volunteers who were vestibule currency tshort were some adolescent employees who were vestibule currency tshort were lots of commonalty who were vestibule good-natureds at integral roll commonalty were all thieving from this admirable uplifting form accordingly they could accordingly it was unconstrained and it was profitable if this population these commonalty polite-behaved-behaved aim class minded pure hush fans if some of them were thieving him and anyone would for Dan that was a sad creature and I surmise that's the precept I versed in one thousand nine hundred nine we are going to admit creatures from each other if we own a befoulment. I never silent that it didn't reach OK to me then it doesn't to reach OK to me now and it wasn't a terrifically optimistic precept. That abundant commonalty deficiency tshort to be controls environing them for them to do the fair creature and if tshort aren't any controls environing them or any supervision they may not do the fair creature. Fresh out of garden laboring in a fix wshort whim commonalty robes up integral tenebrosity Dan discovered that not so pleasant fact that we all comprehend but choose not to reflect environing that we set up pawn cameras or but locks on doors we had tractlabor and bycontrol and those creatures aren't tshort ordinary for criminals they're tshort as the dictum goes to detain honorable commonalty honorable. Question: Give a tiny tabulation of the incident in 5 to 10 finished sentences. Explain the ocean precept in the incident in 2 to 3 finished sentences.  Explain in 2 to 4 sentences, why you reflect Professor Petroni asked you to hearken to this incident. Include what the incident says environing the insist for accounting.