PART 1 Directions: First, elucidate each of the forthcoming addressal provisions. Then grant its contradictory address.   1.   anterior definition:    contradictory is:      2.   caudal definition:    contradictory is:      3.   cephalic definition:    contradictory is:      4.   deep definition:    contradictory is:      5.   distal definition:    contradictory is:      6.   dorsal definition:    contradictory is:      7.   inferior definition:    contradictory is:      8.   lateral definition:    contradictory is:     9. Medial definition:    contradictory is:      10. subsequent definition:    contradictory is:      Abbreviations (Part 2):  Directions: Transcribe the liberal order that each closeness stands for. 1.BCC 2. BX, bx 3. C&S 4.decub 5.Derm 6. HSV 7. I&D 8.ID 9. MM 10. SG  11. SCC  12. STSG  13. Subc, Subq  14. ung PART 3 Read the event con-over and produce exhaustive and elaborate responses for the questions beneath. Some questions succeed ask for notification not middle amid this section. Use your textbook, a medical glossary, or any other intimation symbolical you select to repartee these questions.  A 40-year-old effeminate is seen in the dermatologist’s service, on the warning of her internist, for a workup for reported MM on her left forearm. The mitigated lesion was a blackish bark enlargement almost 1 cm in bisection. The dermatologist examined the unrepining and a texture biopsy was manufactured. The biopsy grown that the enlargement was MM. Surgery was manufactured to oust the button. In abstracted, a 5 cm by 5 cm balance of bark presently surrounding the button was too moved. Because the oustd bark middle all three layers of bark, a bark unite was requifooting to hide the known area. The donor footing was the unrepining’s thigh. Forthcoming replacement from surgery, the unrepining was referred to an oncologist for follow-up preservation.  Critical Thinking Questions  Answer the questions beneath concerning this event con-over. Do not proportioned observation opinion out of the event con-over; transfer all medical provisions. To repartee some of these questions, you may want to seem up notification from another section of this textbook.  1.   What pathological circumstances does the internist contemplate this unrepining may entertain? Seem this circumstances up in a intimation rise, and grasp a defective designation of it in your repartee.         2.   What cue experience did the dermatologist consummate? Describe it in your own opinion.         3.   Explain why a bark unite was requisite.        4.   Explain why it was requifooting to oust so ample abstractedal bark texture concurrently delay the button.         5.   What is the point of an oncologist?        6.   What do you contemplate the practicable follow-up preservation energy grasp?    PART4 Directions: Transcribe the sense of each combining construct order divorce in the foremost post. Then dispose a new order from the section that uses the order divorce, and schedule it in the avoid post. In the third post, transcribe the sense of the section provisions.  Combining Forms Sense Section Order Meaning  1. abdomin/o     2. anter/o     3. brachi/o     4. caud/o     5. cephal/o     6. cervic/o     7. chondr/o     8. crani/o     9. cubit/o     10. dist/o