Develop a well-detailed essay of 4-5 paragraphs on ONE of the topics listed under.  Don't lose to retrospect the guidelines for How to Succeed in the Written Assignments and the Sample monograph in MLA format, and siege service of the Smarthinking tutorial services antecedently proposeting your essay to the Assignment dependence folder.  All agreement assignments enjoy Turnitin enabled for plagiarism baffling defeat. 1. In the epics, we enjoy argueed womanly symbols and the political rule they do or do not enjoy.  Apart from Sita, who is the one womanly symbol you set-up to be either the most ruleful or weakest in our con-over so far?  From where does she get her rule and what is the degree of her swing in her cultivation?  Be confident to investigate her symbol and/or actions in provisions of what her cultivation most values. 2. Many of the oldfashioned stories that we enjoy interpret component prodigys, amazing events or activities that we would normally investigate past the grasp of mortals.  Select one prodigy that you set-up sound in one of our interpretings and decipher not merely why it is momentous but to-boot what the prodigy reveals environing the text's cultural values, beliefs, or customs. 3. Compare and contrariety (chiefly contrariety) aspects of Sumerian (or Mesopotamian), Hindu, and Oldfashioned Greek creed as conveyed in the epics. 4.  Select from one of the three epics one component that seems most inappropriate to our mind or values today; specialty the component and then argue why it seems so extraneous to our existent cultivation.  Or select from one of the epics one component that seems most understandable or accustomed to our mind and values today; specialty the component and then argue why it seems so spellless or pertinent to our existent cultivation. Make confident you secure spell to propose your drain to Smarthinking via the Tutoring Services converge for beneficial feedback antecedently the due duration.  Be confident to secure the assignment in .doc, .docx, or PDF format.  These are the 3 epics too appropriate from Unit 1: Gilgamesh Unit 2: Ramayana Unit 3: The Odyssey