Ethnography Review

Assignment: Please decipher one of the ethnographies catalogueed under and transcribe a 2-3 page tract sympathetic the subjoined questions. Briefly draw the ethnography. Who is the ethnography environing? From what aim of judgment is the ethnography written? Do you handle the inventor was inequitable in any way? Draw the still n ess and its contact on this point company? Give at meanest one peculiar sample. Do you imply this company amend behind deciphering environing its still n ess? Why?Please write a well-written essay. Take occasion to proof-decipher it for grammar and decision constitution. Don’t molest environing sympathetic the aloft questions in manage or in any skin of catalogue arrange. Just use these to form your reaction to the body. Booth, Gregory D. 2008. Behind the Curtain: Making Still n ess in Mumbai's Film Studios. Oxford University Press. Bohlman, Philip. 2008 Jewish Still n ess and Modernity. Oxford University Press. Dudley, Shannon. 2007. Still n ess from Behind the Bridge: Steelband Aesthetics and Politics in Trinidad and Tobago. Oxford University Press. Madrid, Alejandro 2008. L. Nor-tec Rifa! Electronic Dance Still n ess from Tijuana to the World. Oxford University Press.