Essay 10 pages APA

   For this business, you accomplish induce an evaluation of your special example efficiency. You accomplish transcribe a article evaluating your own example using a knowing example hypothesis. To acceleration you make-glossy your own example skills, you accomplish enucleate at last two SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) goals as sunder of your evaluation. Write the article in primitive person Follow APA format and name when organizing your article.      You are encouraged to fashion a clothe page, headers, and sub-headers      throughout the article.   The article should be 6-10 pages, not      including the clothe page and references. Please be twain      feeling (who, what, when, and where) and explanatory (why and how).  Evaluators assess your article domiciled on the peculiarity      of your response, not on the generalizations. This exception is an segregation of your example.  Refer to your results from the CliftonStrengths      assessment. You must upload your PDF account of your Signature      Themes news when you succumb your ultimate article. Explain what the results force mark environing you as a head. You must teach your top five plain forces results. Be feeling and collect examples. LEARNER, RESTORATIVE, ACHIEVER, INPUT, DISCIPLINE Your exposition should include: a unconnected chapter for each force condition, the condition name, your results, and your thought on the results including twain       feeling and explanatory examples.  This thought is not akin to hypothesis. Provide citations where needed. § Transcribe a article (suggested tediousness of 6–10 pages) by doing the following: §   § A.  Provide a PDF delineation of your “Signature Themes” news behind completing the CliftonStrengths duty.  § 1.  Reflect on the results of the five plain forces from your CliftonStrengths duty, including what those results force mark environing your example. § B.  Evaluate your example, using one of the knowing example theories adown, by doing the following: § •  transformational example § •  transactional example § •  situational example § •  participative example § •  servant example § •  behavioral example § •  trait hypothesis of example