English assignment

Communicating in a Global Workplace Imagine that a society in another empire has asked your team to bestow their findings in-reference-to the completion you enjoy been launched to explain this account.  Since your team has never worked delay this society you handle you demand to teach them encircling how interest is conducted in this refinement.  You gain constitute a PowerPoint providing your team delay what you handle is the expedient notice for powerful despatch. REQUIRED ELEMENTS: Select a empire other than the U.S.  (The rare is entirely yours.) Learn encircling essential elements of communicating in the professional behavior in that refinement.  (You may use our passage, the Internet, or any other likely media of gaining notice.) Create a address slide, a table of variation that shows the ocean points, sustaining slides that enjoy the ocean points as headings, a omission slide, and a references slide. Develop the ocean points using likely sources. Organize points logically. RESEARCH: Delay either bestowation liberty, a insufficiency of two (2) likely sources must be plainly cited. REQUIRED STANDARDS: ·  PowerPoint bestowation o  8-12 slides (including the address slide and the references slide) o  At last two withhold graphics o  APA references page