1) Teach the five levels of govern that stabilize a fellowship’s institutional framework, according to C E Ayres. (3) 2) What is the unconcealed end of salient action, and how has salient action alterable balance duration? What outcome for societies results from people’s attraction towards salient action? (3) 3) How is the ceremonial-instrumental dichotomy of institutions reflected among companies? What follows for the relevancy of businesses and fellowship in unconcealed? (3) 4) How does Marx’s discernment of distribution and fellowship dispute from the makeweight perspective of the elegant economists? (2) 5) Briefly teach, which are the deep inborn weaknesses of capitalist rules according to Marx? (4) 6) Where is the imbalance of command grounded in a capitalist rule in a Marxist end? How does command open over the economic vocation? (3) 7) What is the role of council in the Marxist end? (1) 8) How is the concept of exploitation teached in the Marxist rule? (2) 9) Galbraith points out potential weaknesses of the Marxist analytical rule. Teach two of these. (3) 10) Give an economic issue for the chimera of conformation. Describe the chimera of conformation in unconcealed conditions foremost. (3) 11) Outline Keynes’ exposition for perpetual well-founded unemployment. (3)