Discussion Board 3

  ext Book Readings:   Jones: ch. 9 Stivers et al.: Part 5 https://learn.liberty.edu/webapps/bbgs-vitalsource-BBLEARN/app/launch/content?course_id=_451829_1&content_id=_26619643_1 https://learn.liberty.edu/webapps/bbgs-vitalsource-BBLEARN/app/launch/content?course_id=_451829_1&content_id=_26619644_1 Presentation: A Christian Ethic Path to Ethics: https://download.liberty.edu/courses/02yta.mp4 Topic: My Holy Theory   Thread: In this order you own departed a important quantity of term studying metaethics, examining diverse holy theories that pledge to get you delay a methodology for determining correct from evil-doing. These interposed a isolated “list” metaethic, Virtue Ethics, Natural Law Ethics, Holy Egoism, Utilitarianism, Duty Ethics, and the Revelational Christian Ethic, as well-behaved-behaved as connected relational views such as Social Contract Theory, Well-conducted Realism, Divine Command Theory, and Divine Nature Theory. Now it is term for you to run for yourself how you are going to discriminate what is well-conducted from what is felonious. This is your fortuity to bequeath your own metaethical theory and exhibit it to the systematize.   In a post of 500 to 600 signification, regularly decipher what you apprehend is the best way to path ethics. Your view is to decipher how we can perceive what performs an renewal well-conducted or felonious. In doing this you must interact delay the holy theories that you own thought-out in systematize. You are not required to incorporate one of these theories; you may perform up your own or use one that you own conclude abutting in your lore from other assignments/readings, but you can incorporate one of the theories that you own thought-out if one of them seems best to you. Alternatively you can integrate theories if you apprehend incontrovertible aspects of diverse theories composition and counterpart each other, but be regardful that you do not incorporate theories that controvert one another.