Ethical Dilemma #1 Imagine that you possess of-late completed your culpable right quantity.  You possess clarified to start your line as a correctional dignitary in a utmost shelter prison in regulate to create knowledge and expectation to be chosen to advance up in the correctional administration ranks.  Being new to the prison environment has brought a reckon of challenges.  For one, you are known of the way energy dynamics are exhibit in prison that do not preparedly stop in the "free globe."  One energy dynamic looks to befall in the slumbering hours succeeding employment details possess ended and the inmates are private to their cell arrests.   Conflict looks to be exhibit concerning the preoption of the television document.  While some beings deficiency to tend the intelligence, other beings are decided to conception the popular ball diversion or another program.  Additionally, it appears that a few detail inmates look to administer what is tended dimness succeeding dimness.   You are known that if the combat is not dealt after a while, ultimately force may erupt.  You deficiency the residents of the cell arrest to be treated fairly and in a way that maintains regulate.  How could you localize peacemaking themes of type, thrift, and mindfulness to expound this combat peacefully?